The Mole People

The Mole People is an interesting study of homeless people who live in the tunnels beneath New York City. It is an extensive ethnography that reveals many details about tunnel dwellers and attempts to lower the negative perception of these people.

It is written by a woman who frequently went into the tunnels and talked with and made friends with many of the homeless who live there. She wants everyone to have respect for these people, as most people hate the tunnel dwellers and view them as the "outcasts of the outcasts."

This book shows that there are many different kinds of people who live in the tunnels. Some seek shelter from the danger of the streets, some enjoy the darkness and cave-like feel, some are gangs hiding from the law, and some are intelligent people with educations who just prefer to be homeless. Some are single, some are in relationships, some have families, and some reject relationships and society altogether. There are also people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Some people have always been homeless, some ran away from home, some lost a home, and some purposefully left a home. Some want to return to the surface, and some want to stay in the tunnels.

This book describes the lives and personalities of all these types of people, illustrating the diverse nature of these people who all live in various types of tunnels at varying depths underground.

The Mole People is as entertaining as it is educational, and I enjoyed this book and found it fascinating. The author tells the stories of the various people as stories, which educate while simultaneously entertaining. Some of the stories are funny, and some are sad. They all reveal important details about the people who live in the tunnels. I would recommend this book.

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